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Destination: Koh Rok Nok

07.25 N 99.05 E

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National park. Twin islands separated by a narrow channel, which is where you moor. Beaching is very good too.

Exceptionally pretty with long deserted pearly white beaches, gin-clear water, abundant coral. Both islands are covered in dense tropical forest. There are walking trails leading to the top of the hills. On the S island a fresh water stream flows in the sea.

The park rangers run a small restaurant. Yachts which can be beached can also take fresh water from the park office.

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Destination: Koh Bulon

06.49 N 99.32 E

Low lying island about 14 miles from the mainland.

There are a few resorts but development is very low key.  It is a quiet pleasant place to while away for a day.  You can have a simple dinner out.  No provisions available.

In either season Ko Bulon provides adequate but not ideal shelter.

Nearby are two small islets. They make for an agreeable lunch stop but are not suitable as an overnight anchorage.

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Destination: Koh Tarutao

06.37 N 99.39 E

Perhaps one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. High, large and somewhat forbidding in appearance, pretty is not the right description. The terrain is rugged and mountainous, the highest peaks stretching up to 500 meter. Tarutao has an intrigueing history as a pirates' lair and as a penal colony. National Park.

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There is but little habitation and no resorts. The park ranger station in the NW corner has a small restaurant, a few bungalows and in the NE season ferries from the mainland moor there. Shallow draught yachts can take fresh water here. Numerous anchorages on both the W and E side. Long beaches on the E side, two waterfalls can be reached after a short trek inland.

The river in the NW can be entered with a shallow draught yacht and is navigable for a mile or two upstream. Use a kayak to go deeper in the forest. There is a large and to date not yet fully explored cave system, the "Crocodile Cave".

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Destination: Butang Islands

06.31 N 99.15 E

Group of 4 main islands, roughly positioned in a circle and surrounded by numerous smaller islets and isolated rocks.

The archipelago is part of the Tarutao National park. Only one island, Koh Lipe, has any significant permanent habitation. The Butangs lie just north of the border with Malaysia. During the NE season there is a twice daily ferry to Lankawi as well as to Pak Bara and Satun on the mainland. Limited supplies available in Lipe. The smaller islets to the E are rarely visited, very pretty and usually offer sufficient shelter for an overnight stay.

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The Butangs are very, very beautiful and not overrun by tourism. The islands themselves are mountainous and covered in dense forest. There are a couple of waterfalls you can bathe under too. The waters around the Butangs are clear and offer good snorkeling and diving. Especially on the SW side the water is usually very clear. Scuba dive trips can be arranged for at Koh Lipe Island.

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Destination: Koh Petra

07.41 N 98.45 E

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Steep high and forbidding island 10 miles from the mainland. "Forbidding" is in this case to be taken literally as visits are, strictly spoken, not allowed. You'll only rarely get shot at if you do go ashore there though.

Koh Petra is an important site for the harvesting of edible bird's nests which are very valuable, hence the discouraging of visits.

Anchoring off is no problem. Both the W side ( NE Season ) and the E side (SW season ) offer good holding and shelter and the scenery is impressive.

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Destination: Koh Talibong

07.15 N 99.23 E

Koh Talibong (not "Taliban" as it is often referred to) is situated at he entrance of the Kantang river which is navigable and leads to the town with the same name. It was this river which the late Tristan Jones in the late '80s navigated all the way to it's head waters to prove that a "sea going vessel can navigate from the west coast of Thailand to the east coast without having to go the long way around Singapore" as regaled in his book To Venture Further, 1991.

Koh Talibong itself is a rural island which, other than it's a pleasant place with friendly people, holds few outstanding attractions.

local people on Koh Talibong authentic thai culture and thai villages

Noteworthy is that Talibong is the centre of a nature reserve set up to protect the very rare Asian dugong. Dugongs are similar to manatees, a.k.a sea cows. Around Talibong there is a herd of around 40, the largest herd in Thailand. Dugongs are shy and not easily spotted so you need a fair bit of luck to see them.

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Destination: Koh Khao & Pak Bara

06.48 N 99.41 E

koh khao scenic anchorage during your sailing adventure cruise with bareboat charter on a wharram catamaranJust outside Pak Bara on the manland lie Koh Khao Yai & Koh Bulan. The space between the two islands is a safe and very attractive anchorage which is rarely visited. Both islands have numerous caves and creeks and offer good opportunities for exploring by kayak.

The Channel
The channel between the two islands can be approached from the North with care. From the South there are no obstacles. Anchoring in the South end of the channel offers good holding and protection in all seasons.

Village of Pak Bara on the mainland
Pak Bara is a ramshackle small town at the mouth of a shallow river. Entrance of the river is marked by stakes. Main reason to go to Pak Bara is the easy availability of water and fuel. Limited provisions also available. Good road connections with Satun and Had Yai, so if you plan to take or drop off crew Pak Bara is a good place.

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Destination: Koh Liang

07.06 N 99.25 E

Twin islands just north of Ko Phetra. In appearance more similar to the limestone rocks found in the Pna Nga bay then the surrounding islands. Pristine beaches, good snorkeling. There is one resort so you can dine out.

Anchoring is a little bit difficult as there is a large shallow reef reaching far out to sea. You can go over reef and beach the boat at the near the top of the tide.

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